Posted June 10, 2015
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Introducing Pertino SmartZones: Steer Traffic in the Right Direction

We’re psyched to be introducing a powerful new feature for our Cloud Network Engine platform. Pertino SmartZones lets you set policies to control how traffic from Pertino-enabled devices is “steered” between subnets when remote users are in the office.

In most cases, you want traffic to local devices to stay local while traffic destined for remote devices on your Pertino virtual overlay network, such as a cloud server, should flow over Pertino. The intelligence within the Pertino client does this already when a user’s machine and the target server are both on the same subnet. However, if the target server is on the other side of the building on a different subnet, traffic will flow up to the Pertino cloud and back—effectively “tromboning” across the WAN and creating needless latency. SmartZones solves this by enabling you to set policies that keeps local traffic local even when the server is on another subnet within your campus or datacenter LAN infrastructure.

Here’s a scenario that illustrates exactly how the new SmartZones feature works. Let’s imagine an office with two networks: a wired and wireless one. A common default router is shared between these two subnets with a server is located on the wired network. It just so happens that a field salesperson—who normally uses Pertino for remote access—is in the office for a couple of days on the wireless LAN and wants access to the server on the wired network. By creating a SmartZone that includes the salesperson’s wireless subnet and the subnet of wired server, the Pertino client will now steer the traffic onto the local network interface (rather than the Pertino virtual network interface) and let the local default router resolve the host route between subnets. All this magic happens behind the scenes while the salesperson is totally oblivious—which is exactly how it should be.

For more information on Pertino SmartZones, check out the KB article on our Support site. Let us know what you think of this new feature by emailing us at and be sure to check out Release Notes for details on the latest release!

Happy networking,

The Pertino Product Team

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