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Cloudification of the Network: A Spiceworks Report

There are a number of ways IT pros can use hosted solutions to support their network – from network-as-a-service to cloud-based networking to cloud-enabled networking or somewhere in between. This Voice of IT research report by Spiceworks, shares how cloud-based solutions are impacting the networking space, and what SpiceHeads are deploying.  

The survey found 72% of SpiceHeads are familiar with cloud networking while 45% are using some type of cloud networking solution or planning to adopt one in the next 12 months. What cloud networking solutions are being used? Content filtering, DNS and VPN lead the list. And why are IT pros turning to hosted solutions? Top reasons include easier management, anywhere access, disaster recovery and scalability.

Find out all the details as well as how IT pros go about finding the right vendor in the full report.


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