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451 Research Spotlight: To NFV or to NSV - is that the SDN question?

Abstract: With the rush to software-defined networking (SDN), there is a splintering of the discussions around the needs of enterprises and carriers. The conversations around network control are complex enough, and when the topic moves to the processing capabilities associated with the network, it becomes even more so. This latter subject was the center of a growing discussion of the terms and definition around network capabilities that recently took place at the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) spring gathering. At issue is the idea that network functions virtualization (NFV) is heading in directions that don't serve the interests of enterprise users and that network service virtualization (NSV) is a better characterization and should be the basis for definitions targeting the enterprise. It may sound like semantic wrangling, but the division gets to the heart of contentious issues within the SDN community.

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