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Posted December 11, 2014
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Pertino Extends Simple and Secure Cloud Networking to Apple iOS Devices

LOS GATOS, Calif. – Dec. 11, 2014  Pertino, a company reinventing networking for the mobile and cloud era, today announced the extension of its Cloud Network Engine platform to provide native support for Apple iPad and iPhone devices. Using iOSConnect—a network app within Pertino’s AppScape app store, IT organizations can now provide simple and secure access to behind-the-firewall and cloud-based files and applications for users of Apple iPad and iPhone devices.

With the addition of iOSConnect, Pertino is uniquely positioned among the emerging SDN WAN players in that its cloud networking service supports all modern mobile, desktop and server devices—including iOS, Android, Windows 8 for phone and tablet, Windows 7/8, WIndows Server 2008/2012 and Linux—as well as cloud instances and Docker containers.

“Securely connecting public cloud workloads and mobile workforces represent a significant challenge for IT organizations because of the cost and complexity of extending traditional WAN technologies to these modern environments,” said Todd Krautkremer, Pertino CMO. “With the addition of iOSConnect, our Cloud Network Engine gives IT organizations one platform to connect all of their mobile workers anywhere—on any device—and all of their instances and containers across any public cloud, without up-front costs or hardware, and with complete visibility, security and control.”

Pertino iOSConnect is an AppScape network app that lets IT pros add a Cloud Gateway that securely connects iOS devices—using the native VPN client—to their Pertino cloud network. Once connected, users can access files and applications on any authorized desktop or server on their Pertino cloud network using iPad and iPhone applications for Windows file browsing (like File Browser by Stratospherix) and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

“Deploying iOSConnect on our Pertino network was simple—in just a few clicks we were up and running on our iPads,” said Levi Enmeier of VoiceTech. “Now our mobile users can use their iPads to securely access the files and applications they need from anywhere and I can control exactly what resources are made available to them.”

IT Pros Embrace Mobility

More than 90 percent of SMB organizations that support mobile devices and BYOD are supporting Apple iPhone and iPads, according to a recent Spiceworks 2014 Voice of IT report. Apple devices are dominant within BYOD environments and 44 percent want access to business files and applications. For businesses with 250-499 employees, this can mean support of up to 50 to 80 additional devices, resulting in a major upgrade to VPN hardware to support the influx. Pertino allows IT organizations to embrace mobility and BYOD without hardware upgrades or the added risk of exposing their business networks and resources.

With Pertino iOSConnect, authorized iPhone and iPad users can seamlessly and securely access files and applications on their office desktops or servers from anywhere and on any Internet connection, including private Wi-Fi, public hotspots and mobile broadband (3G/4G). From an IT perspective, even the size of their network doubles with the addition of mobile devices, they don’t need to add additional VPN hardware or IT personnel to accommodate the growth.

Security and Control of Mobile Devices

The top two mobile device management challenges are security compliance requirements and security data breaches and threats, according to the recent Spiceworks report. With the overall increase in data breaches and concern around business security over the past year, IT Pros need reliable business-class, cloud-based networks in order to seamlessly and securely work anywhere.

Using Pertino, IT organizations can provide an extra layer of security for mobile access by setting up a secure, virtual overlay network for mobile users to access business resources. All devices are authenticated, all traffic is encrypted end-to-end, and users can only see and access desktops and servers added to the same Pertino cloud network. This “zero trust network” approach to mobility eliminates the risk of BYOD users penetrating the corporate LAN. Pertino also protects business traffic flowing across public Wi-Fi connections.

“Businesses have to make security a top priority in order to have a successful BYOD and remote access strategy, especially as employees move across clouds to the WAN,” said Brad Casemore, research director for datacenter networking for IDC. “Pertino eliminates the friction of legacy VPN technology and removes that headache for IT Pros with support for all devices and built-in network security and control for remote access.”

Pertino iOSConnect Pricing and Availability

Pertino iOSConnect is available now in public beta for Business plan customers. As a special introductory offer, customers can buy or upgrade a Pertino Business plan between now and December 31, 2014, and get one iOS device for every device they purchase. Buy a 20-device Business plan and get support for up to 20 additional iOS devices for free—that’s 40 devices for the price of 20! For more information, go to

About Pertino

Pertino is a modern way to network designed for the mobile and cloud era—simple, secure and delivered as a service. Mobile and cloud technologies are transforming IT, resulting in a hybrid IT model where mobile workforces and cloud applications and workloads are reliant on public Internet connectivity. Our Cloud Network Engine enables any size business to build and manage a private cloud network that overlays the public Internet, securely connecting people, devices and resources anywhere. With AppScape, our network services app store, Pertino cloud networks can be extended with enterprise-level visibility, security and control services. This modern approach to networking combines the power and pervasiveness of the cloud with SDN and virtualization technologies, eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional hardware-based networks. Finally, a wide-area network that is cloud-agile and works the way businesses work today, without hardware, hassles, or high costs. Founded in 2011, Pertino is venture funded by premier firms and headquartered in Los Gatos, Calif. For more information or to try Pertino free for yourself, please visit

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Todd Krautkremer

Todd Krautkremer

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