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Posted June 27, 2013
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Pertino Survey Finds That Staying Connected Is The Key To A Relaxing Summer Getaway For Most Employees

Los Gatos, Calif. –June 27, 2013 –  New data from an online survey of more than 1,000 U.S. employees reveals that most Americans stay connected while on vacation according to Pertino, a company reinventing networking for the cloud era. The survey results indicate that more than half (59 percent) of Americans regularly check email, take a phone call, and more during their vacation. However, surprisingly Americans are working so they can actually relax: 47 percent of Americans say they are less stressed on vacation because they can stay connected to the office while they’re out.

“The information age has enabled unprecedented levels of employee productivity from the corner office to the factory floor, but it has also created a dependency on the applications, files and data that employees depend on every day to get their job done. This can actually lead to anxiety when an employee is disconnected for a protracted period of time,” said Todd Krautkremer, vice president of marketing at Pertino. “Staying connected to your social networks while on vacation is easy, but this is not the case for your office network. With Pertino’s cloud network service, employees can securely access IT resources – the same way they do in the office – from an Internet connection anywhere in the world.”

Frequent Flyer Files

The survey suggests that businesses are not providing employees with secure access to office applications and files remotely – 77 percent don’t have access to their office network while away. Consequently, employees have found other ways to take their files with them. Almost one third of them (32 percent) are using unsanctioned or unsecure cloud file sharing services to access business files. Perhaps more terrifying for business owners and IT pros alike, the survey found that 35 percent of employees say they take their work computers and all of their important business files with them on vacation.

BYODOV (Bring Your Own Device On Vacation)

While the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon is just emerging within many businesses today, it appears to be the dominant way that employees are working remotely while on vacation. The top devices used on vacation include: personally owned computers (52 percent), smartphones (51 percent), and tablets (30 percent).

Stay (at work)-cation

A significant number of American workers are blurring the line between vacations and working remotely with 59 percent claiming they work while on vacation. And 36 percent are working at least once a day. Men are more likely to be the ones working during summer travel with 64 percent of men saying they work on vacation compared to only 57 percent of women.

Taking Care of Business… Far Beyond the Office

Have mobile devices taken business too far outside the office? While many people are working remotely, the survey found that 31 percent of Americans are using their new-found mobility to work from the bathroom. Still, more employees (36 percent) are soaking up some rays on the beach while conducting business. Work has also been taken to other unique places around the world, including cruise ships, the Sahara, Sci-Fi conventions and Zoos.

Tips for a More Relaxing Vacation from Pertino:

  • Unwind by NOT Unplugging: Let’s face it, it’s almost impossible for many employees, especially senior managers and IT pros, to completely unwind while on vacation. No matter how hard you try to “unplug” from the office, the siren call of email and the crisis du jour beckons you. The key to unwinding can sometimes be to NOT unplug. Develop a schedule that segregates work and play times and communicate it to your family and work associates. Set aside a designated time every day to connect with the office and then spend the rest of the time focused on fun in the sun. 

  • Rest Assured: Unfortunately, you can’t always control when a customer needs a last minute quote or a manufacturing glitch holds up production. To rest a lot easier, make sure your IT pro provides you with access to the office applications, files and resources so you can quickly solve any issues that might arise. Advances in cloud technology now make it possible for anyone to set up secure networks in minutes that provide an office-like access to IT resources from anywhere. 

  • Migrations and Martinis : No matter how hard you try, it seems like migration and vacation schedules always collide. When they do, you find yourself sitting around the house or resort, instead of joining the party, just so that you can be close to your PC and an Internet connection. Increased options in cloud services and mobility make it possible for you to take your office network with you no matter where in the world you roam. Now, you can be the life of the party and still deal with life at work!

  • Secure Your Valuables! You know that thieves can spot a tourist from 100 feet, so you keep your wallet in your front pocket and use a pre-paid credit card. However, using a public Wi-Fi hotspot can make you just as vulnerable to criminals that use widely available shareware to hack, or “sidejack,” your computer. They can rob you of your login credentials, your data, and your peace-of-mind. To protect yourself, make sure you’re using a network that provides authentication and encryption of your traffic over public Wi-Fi and the Internet.

About Pertino

Founded in 2011, Pertino has an inspired vision for reinventing networking for the cloud era, and in the process, being a catalyst for democratizing IT for small-to-medium businesses. Globalization, cloud-enabled IT, and growing demand for always-connected people, devices, and things is affecting businesses of all sizes – making the “outside network” as critical as the inside one. However, traditional wide-area networks have not kept pace. Pertino’s revolutionary Cloud Network Engine enables any business to build a simple and secure cloud-based network that connects people and IT resources from anywhere on the planet. No new hardware. No expertise. No upfront investment. To achieve this breakthrough, Pertino has developed a software platform that combines the power and pervasiveness of the cloud with Software-defined Network (SDN) and network virtualization technology, and a social-inspired user management paradigm. The company is venture funded and headquartered in Los Gatos, Calif. For more information or to try Pertino for yourself, please visit

Survey Methodology

The survey was conducted online by on behalf of Pertino on June 6, 2013, with more than 1000 employed Americans age 18 and older nationwide. The margin of error is 3.08 percent.

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Todd Krautkremer

Todd Krautkremer

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